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Emanuel Lirag

Emanuel is Wolfgang's Advertisement head, and has taken a leadership role in creating artwork for various media outlets. He is a sophomore studying Business at NCSU, but he has been an entrepreneur and a musician since 8th grade when he first started performing with a band. He is currently a member of the band The Motions, which has released their album, Running From The Light, on Spotify and iTunes. Emanuel wrote, recorded and produced this album in his self-built recording studio, Makelove Studios.

Emanuel loves to play the guitar, as well as drums, bass, piano, and ukulele. You can see him use his musical talents every Thursday at 9:30 in the 1887 Bistro located in Tally Student Union, where he performs covers and music from his upcoming solo EP. We are excited to have such a talented and passionate musician in Wolfgang!






Chris Benfante

Chris is a junior studying Computer Science and Economics at NCSU. His music career started with piano lessons in 2nd grade, and eventually led to voice lessons and choir during high school. In addition to Wolfgang, Chris is a part of the NC State Chorale, plays classical piano, and occasionally composes in his free time.

Chris enjoys playing video and board games such as Pathfinder with his friends and listening to Podcasts
throughout the day. Chris is very excited to be singing with the talented and passionate musicians in