Basses / Vocal Percussion

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Jeremy Kelly

Jeremy the President of Wolfgang A Cappella. He is a junior double majoring in Business Administration and Spanish Language and Culture. He has always loved music, and started playing the trombone and tuba in middle and high school as well as singing tenor in choir.

Jeremy is currently our vocal percussionist and is looking forward to participating in Sojam this year, which will be held at NC State.  


Brendan Micciche

Brendan is a Junior studying Communication at NC State. Brendan has a wide musical background, having sung pieces in African, Serbian, Spanish, and more, and is trained in singing classic Jazz and Broadway music.

Brendan is an avid writer, particularly in the genres of fantasy, psychological horror, and sci-fi. He hopes to become a voice-actor and narrator in the future!

Brendan is looking forward to many great performances with great people this year in Wolfgang.