Leadership Positions

- All leadership positions (pending director approval) have the power to: Use the Wolfgang gmail, have the final say in decisions regarding their position, make announcements after rehearsal, use the Wolfgang card to purchase supplies needed)  

Music Director

(Should be a person who has a clear vision for the group that everyone supports, personable, level-headed, can handle pressure/stress but also able to delegate responsibilities to offset it, has an intermediate to advanced knowledge of music)

  • Lead rehearsal
  • Coordinate with the group and with Leadership to make decisions
  • Arrange the songs selected or oversee arrangements
  • Determine the set list for concerts and delegate who will write the set list to put on stage
  • Has the power to: Make final decisions on difficult decisions (song selection, gigs, competitions, change arrangements, outfits, fees, member status,  make extra practices)


(Should be a person who is organized, a good communicator and decision maker, dependable, punctual)

  • Responsible for discussing and responding to gig requests
  • Reserving rehearsal rooms
  • Aquirring a permit to sell goods in the brickyard and Talley

Vice President

(Should be a person who has similar traits to the President. Preferably an underclassmen who hopes to be the President or Director, is involved in the social aspects of the group, and enjoys planning/organizing events)

  • Organize group events w/ President (retreat, bonding activities, group projects)
  • Actively engage with group members and involve members thoughts and concerns in group decisions 
  • Ensure that decisions made will have a positive impact on the future of the group and its members.
  • Learn how to researve rooms and aquire permits from the President


(Should be a person who preferably has handled an organizations money in the past, is trustworthy, is motivated to keep the group out of debt, has plans on how to organize funds or increase revenue)

  • Track funds
  • Handle the Wolfgang bank account and all information associated with it. If bank information is needed by another member, the treasure needs to be able to relay it to them in a timely manner
  • Have all passwords, addresses, and bank information safely documented

Advertisement Head

(Should be a person who is creative, enjoys using editing and designing software, has good taste (not tacky or ambivalent towards appearance of advertisements))  

  • Design flyers (auditions, concerts, posters, web advertisements)
  • Determine concert themes and visual aspects
  • Delegate responsibilities such as who prints flyers, hangs flyers, where do we get tape/staples/tacks/chalk
  • Will take home extra flyers/chalk/streamers/tape etc. if there are extra or unclaimed items
  • Will orcastrate group or individual pictures for the purpose of posting on Social Media with the help of the Social Media head

Social Media Head

(Should be someone who is involved in Social Media, knows what is appropriate to post, is excited to use different platforms to promote the group, has a descent following of different platforms, has good taste (not tacky or ambivalent towards appearance of posts), actively involved in group social activities)

  • Maintain the Wolfgang Facebook, Twitter, and instagram
  • Decides what to do with old social media platforms
  • Post advertisements/promotions on social media for every concert, audition, and important events
  • Responsible for making posts that promote Wolfgang and its members
  • Is willing to work with the Advertisement head on posts
  • Will orchestrate group or individual pictures for the purpose of posting on Social Media with the help of the Advertisement head


(Should be a person who preferably has dance or performance experience, should be up to date on 

  • Choreograph songs for competitions, concerts, and gigs
  • Contribute to the visual aspects of a performance (blocking, correcting arcs, facial expressions)


-historically divvied out by Leadership based on motivation and quality of work


  • Arrange music that will be reviewed by the Music Director
  • Understand that time in which the arrangement must be completed
  • Answer questions about dynamics, vowels, and notes along with Music Director

Visual Aspects Coordinator

  • Assist with outfit coordination along with the Choreographer and Advertisement head with approval from the Music Director
  • Suggest themes/styling for concerts and general promotions
  • May be asked to create slide shows for concerts with help from the Social Media and Advertisement heads
  • Responsible for coming up with creative ideas that can be utilized by the group to enhance the quality of performances

Maintaining the Website

  • Update Members page biannually (coordinate bios, pictures, designing aspects)
  • Update Blog page after each concert and competition
  • Regularly check website for spelling mistake or possible updates
  • Coordinate with Advertisement and Social Media head so that posts on all platforms are congruent
  • Must follow a clean and visually appealing format. MUST understand that everything posted on the website is a representation of the group as a whole

Leading Philanthropist

  • Expected to take a leading role during fundraising by connecting with the public and positively promoting Wolfgang
  • Will help hang flyers around campus