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Katie Hazel

Katie is the Vice-President of Wolfgang and is also one of our highest voices in the group. During her sophomore year, Katie was the Social Media head, and has succeeded in getting Wolfgang to reach a much wider audience.

She is majoring in Psychology, but finds time to play the piano whenever she can. Above everything else, Katie likes dogs.

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Kayla Oh

Kayla is a Junior majoring in Accounting and Global Relations. She is also very active in the NC State choir, which she has been apart of since her freshman year. Kayla is not new to A Cappella, she participated in her high school A Cappella group as well as choir.  

She is looking forward to making music with Wolfgang and performing in front of friends.

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Chloe Campbell

Chloe is a freshman majoring in Communication with a concentration in media. She has been singing all her life and continues to do so in the NC State Chorale. Aside from singing, Chloe enjoys movies, spending time with friends and family as well as going to the beach as much as possible! 

New to the group, Chloe is very excited to start her endeavors as a part of Wolfgang A Capella. She looks forward to making life long friends and of course, getting to sing with them all the time.